Relining Old Markings

Have you got old and worn out floor or playground markings that are no longer serving their purpose?

Here at OzMarks we strive to get the best results for you by covering as much of your old markings as possible and replacing them with new bright and vibrant bespoke thermoplastic designs.

Thermoplastic can be fitted on top of most old painted markings or ageing thermoplastic but occasionally (for the best results) the old markings will need to be lifted prior to the new ones being fitted.

So if you would like your old markings re-lined like for like or if you would prefer a totally new design to be fitted on top, please get in touch with us and we will be very happy to arrange a site visit so we can discuss the best option for your individual requirements.


Relining-old-playground-markings-Hopscotch 800 300
Relining-old-playground-Markings-Snake 800 300