Road Marking

Road Markings

New Roads, Resurfaced Roads, or remarking existing roadways as part of scheduled or unscheduled maintenance.

Road markings such as zebra crossings, dividers, stop lines at traffic lights, stop signs and pedestrian crossings and so forth are some examples of line markings on roads. These are generally laid out for safety and guidance for pedestrians and drivers of vehicles. These lines are designed to keep vehicles within specific boundaries on the road and indicate safe road use. Lines at pedestrian crossings and traffic lights for instance allow for the safe passage of pedestrians across a road, while indicating to vehicle users where they need to stop. Road marking have many uses and indications, most of which are related to safety for drivers and pedestrians on the roads.

  • Dividing lines
  • Barrier dividing lines
  • Continuity lines
  • Turn Lines
  • Stop Lines
  • Give Way Lines
  • Pedestrian Crosswalk Lines
  • Directional Arrows
  • Speed humps
  • Bike tracks
  • RRPM's
  • Line removal