OH&S Safety Markings

At Ozmarks we specialize in OH&S safety markings around the workplace, schools, car parks and public areas to help minimize hazards and prevent accidents. These markings can be used to prevent slip hazards, adding visible contrast to stairs and other objects which may be a danger to the visually impaired and warning signs. Warning sign examples include no smoking areas, no standing zones and car park safety markings.

We take a step-by-step approach when you hire us for safety marking work in Melbourne. We inspect the property and take notes regarding the boundaries where marking is required. We create no-smoking signs, yellow lines, and red lines to inform the staff and clients not to cross these lines and to follow the sign boards. You can check the images of our previous work to boost your confidence in our skills.

We have solved a range of indoor and outdoor OH&S line marking problems of educational/business organizations. We have successfully helped them comply with the current safety standards to protect their employees, students, workplace infrastructure and clients. Don’t ignore the value of safety markings and hire us today to prevent minor/major accidents and injuries!