Factory Markings

Factory Markings

Safety and health laws have become stricter over the years with many new laws detailing mandatory requirements with regards safety regulations. This means that individuals working in warehouses in almost any industry are exposed to hazards that are not prevalent when working in an office.  This is especially true when it comes to machines operating within the warehouse space which can cause possible injury to employees and visitors. Line marking is now being used to highlight areas of potential hazard on the workplace. In the past people used tape, obstructions, boards and other ways of designating hazardous areas, including marking areas off in different ways or using different colours. The colour aspect can also be applied to line markings.

Utilization of different colours

For each hazard an alternate colour can be utilized to clearly identify each type of risk factor. These areas can also be taped off or boarded, or secured in any manner of ways to improve safety in the workplace. The clearly marked colours on the floor will allow all staff to be aware of the possible hazard in that particular area.  The line markings can also be used to designate walkways, crossings, and right of way areas and so forth to keep individuals away from areas of potential harm.

Choose a long lasting line marking system

When deciding to use a specific strategy for line marking Melbourne area, make sure you choose a way which is of benefit to your company and your particular industry. Your specific line markings may not be the same in your warehouse as are used in other places, but you need to choose a system that works for you. You would also need to assure quality and durability of the line marking system used as often these markings are in high traffic areas and many people and machines crossing over the lines may result in them wearing faster if you do not use high quality marking materials. These materials may be a little more expensive at the start but they offer a much more durable option and will save you having to remark a lot more regularly than you would otherwise need it.