Car parks

Car Park Markings Services Melbourne

Whether your car park has five spaces of five hundred, we will be on hand to ensure you get it right - no job is too big or too small. Your car park is often the first thing customers notice when visiting your premises so it is essential that you make the right first impression.

Ozmarks professionals can help assess site and the road markings needed if a new job is required, or they can advise and give an estimate on a repainting job if that is all that is necessary.

Faded markings are not only dull in their appearance, they also reduce the safety of your visitors and will also increase your liability. A parking lot design with bright, crisp lines will help people navigate through your parking lot better. It will help you take control of the speed of traffic, keeping everyone safe. Car park line marking will also prevent cars from driving and parking in restricted areas.

The paint we use is perfect for line marking, car stops, logos, curbs and more. It has a high visibility, is quick drying and safe for use on asphalt or concrete. Multiple colors are available and glass beads can be added for making reflective markings.


Melbourne Line Marking Service