Line Marking Service

Line Marking

Ozmarks is committed to providing rapid, reliable, and affordable line marking services to greatly enhance the appearance, safety, functionality and flow of your property. For parking regulations to be as transparent as possible it is crucial for the surface markings to be clear and visible, and the line marking, road marking and thermoplastic line marking solutions offered by Ozmarks provide a broad range of options for every circumstance.

Our Services

Car Parks

Your parking lot is one of the first things people see when they visit you. It is the welcome mat for your place of business


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Road Markings

We can install all your line marking needs required on the road, like arrows speed humps thermoplastic markings


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Playground markings

We can paint New and old playground markings

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OH&S Markings

At Ozmarks we specialize in safety markings around the workplace, schools, car parks and public areas to help minimize hazards and prevent accidents.

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