Melbourne Line Marking Service

Ozmarks is a family owned and operated Melbourne Line Marking Service. We strongly believe that being hands-on is the most effective method to run our business. No job is too big or too small. Find out more about us and our services below. We look forward to doing business with you.

About Us

Ozmarks is a Melbourne based company which supplies a high quality line marking service. We have over 10 years experience in the industry.

Melbourne Line Marking Service

Whether your car park has five spaces of five hundred, no job is too big or too small for OzMarks.

Playground Marking Service

Ozmarks can transform a once dull and useless space into a bright, fun and educational area.                                                                                                                                                              

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Playground Marking Installation

With our extensive experience in creating durable, innovative, creative, and interesting school playground markings, we can enhance the learning experience of the students. Whether it is a chess board, game, map, clock, weather sign, cartoon or any literacy marking, we can design and install it at affordable costs.

Our customers love the educational and fitness aspects that our playground markings bring to their students. Ozmarks is a leading installer of thermoplastic playground markings service in Melbourne. Our service offers simple, hassle-free, and affordable products. These markings will not fade as we use high-quality products, equipment and heating techniques during the marking process. Ozmarks is a family owned and operated line marking company in Melbourne. Our team can create clear and concise markings for car parks, road, safety markings, and minor civil works. Hire our Line Markers today!